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Friday, June 10, 2016


10 days of Silent Meditation

Experienced 'Vipassana'- A way of self-transformation through self-observation) at Fairlee Manor Camp in Chestertown(MD),US from 20th to 30th May 2016. The lesson learnt and the experiences during the course are life changing, it can change the way you look at world, things or life, the way you react. Although experiences and effect varies from person to person as per their current consciousness level, but it definitely gives an spark to your regular life. This spark may become fire OR can sit silently and go away, depends on person to person and his daily routine.

Rules followed.

1. No talks and even avoids eye contact with anyone for 9 days.

2. Everyday mandatorily waking up at 4 am and sleeping at 10 pm.

3. Approx 12+ hrs of meditation in a day. with breaks of breakfast, lunch and tea.

4. Only fruits and herbal tea at 5 pm. No dinner.

5. Completely disconnected from technology, no internet, no mobile, no Comp/TV etc.

6. Hour long strong determination meditation sittings, without any movement, no leg or eye opening.

Great memories, Experience of a lifetime :)

Smiles Captured on 10th Day


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